“Dance as an art, when understood, is the province of every human being”

-Margaret N H’Doubler

"Dance develops concentration, discipline, concept of space, grace and poise and
the ultimate connection between mind and body which leads to self confidence
and self expression."

-Anuradha Nag

Tarangini School of Kathak Dance was established by the talented Anuradha Nag in 1992. The name was coined by the illustrious doyen of Kathak, Padmavibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj. Tarangini aims to contribute to the training of current & future generations in the field of Kathak and keeping them informed about the rich cultural heritage of India. Based in San Jose, CA, Tarangini School of Kathak Dance strives to achieve its mission, as follows:

Our Mission
  1. Teaching and promoting the knowledge and awareness of the North Indian classical dance form known as Kathak.
  2. Creating international interest in the community through multicultural stage and television programs for various organizations and educational institutions.
  3. Providing learning opportunities for talented and /or low- income students through free tuition.
  4. Sponsoring visiting dancers and accompanying musicians through performances and workshops (artist in resident programs) to preserve and expose the heritage of the dance form.
  5. To give the students self confidence, exposure through stage appearances and also be able to give them the opportunity to perform with live musicians just like one would in India.
  6. Students are taught how to teach and pass on this rich heritage to the newer generations in order to preserve the art form and also given teaching opportunities.
  7. Offering Kathak dance as an outlet for creative self expression for all ages.

Press Comments

Anuradha Nag herself is a senior disciple of Birju Maharaj who teaches this fascinating style of Indian classical dance to many Indian and foreign students who aspire to learn Kathak. It was heartening to watch her students equaling Birju Maharajís own students from India. Kudos to Anuradha Nag for organizing such a magnificent, magical evening of Kathak, in San Francisco. This concert was followed by a two day workshop by Birju Maharaj organized by Anuradha Nag for the students of Tarangini.
Narthaki, Aug2, 2003,
by Manjari Sinha


Classes are offered in four locations in the Bay Area.

Cupertino/San Jose
(Mon 4-8 pm)

(Tue 4-7 pm)

(Thu 4-8 pm)

San Jose
(Sat 10:30am-3:30pm)

CPAA studio
6148 Bollinger Rd,
San Jose, CA 95129

Hindu Temple &
Community Center
420 Persian Dr.,
SV, CA 94089

Hindu Temple &
Cultural Center
3676 Delware Dr,
Fremont, CA 94538

2927 Glen Craig Ct,
San Jose, CA 95148

Duration of class

Each class runs for an hour. Students can take more than one class per week after reaching a certain level
as deemed


appropriate by the teacher.

Registration & Fee Guidelines

For registration and fee structure please call 408-374-8017.

Class requirements: Students should arrive at least 10 minutes before their class begins to allow enough time to tie their ghungroo (bells) and be ready for the class. Shoes are not allowed in the class room and should be left outside.

What is needed for the class?
  1. Brass bells / Ghungroos -- the number of bells will be suggested by the teacher.
  2. A file folder with filler papers in them with 5 dividers and a pen or pencil.
  3. The student should carry all this in a bag and bring it to class each time.

Who can join?

Students are accepted from age 5 and up, including adults.

Dress Code Salwar/Churidar kameez or Lehenga are preferred older students must carry a dupatta. Comfortable loose clothes such as long T-shirts, leggings or sweat pants are acceptable. Tank tops, shorts and jeans are not allowable. Hair should be neatly tied.

For more information please call (408)-374-8017 or email at tarangini@sbcglobal.net

Structure at a glance

Beginner and Intermediate Classes

Beginner classes include basic pure dance techniques of Nritta in Teental 16 beats (basic footwork tatkar and different variation of footworks including ladi and tihai, basic movements and combinations, small tode, tukras, and pirouettes) and Abhinaya (mimetic aspect) or Nritya through both historical stories and self exploratory stories. Through these they develop their awareness of space, body and rhythm and learn to be disciplined which is an indispensable requirement for Indian classical dance, thus working on building a very strong foundation.
The Intermediate class focuses on the above with more complicated grammar and technique of Kathak, as well as introducing the students to other rhythmic cycles and abhinaya through Vandana, Bhajan, and Gat Bhava etc.

Advance Classes

Advance classes are geared towards the students interested in more performing experience. While focusing on in depth technique, abhinaya and choreography. Emphasis is placed on stage presence, communication with musicians, and audience, building stamina for performance. Advance students also get training on instructing classes and choreographing dances, which brings forth their individual creativities.

Theory sessions are an integral part of the daily classes to develop insight into the dance form.

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