------- Ustad Ali Akbar Khan
I have known Anuradha as an ardent and passionate student of Kathak from a very early age. Tarangini was established with my blessings and has matured over the years through Anuradha’s effort and dedication. I was involved from the very beginning in naming the school and designing its logo. Over the years I have observed the school evolve into a center of learning for Kathak that is quite remarkable in its completeness. When I visit Anuradha and meet with her students and observe them perform I feel a deep sense of pride and happiness at the high quality of Kathak instruction Tarangini is providing. It is also gratifying to see the support and involvement from all the parents in encouraging their children to spend time in learning a classical art form. Anuradha and Tarangini and all its students have my heartfelt blessings for many more years to come.
------ Pandit. Birju Maharaj

Heartiest congratulations to Anuradha Nag and the Tarangini School of Kathak for completing a successful 15 years in the Bay Area. We wish you many more years of accomplishment, growth and prosperity.
Best wishes,

-------Ustad Zakir Hussain and Antonia Minnecola


I have been visiting Anuradha and Tarangini for the last 15 years. The school has grown considerably during that time. The senior students have blossomed into more complete dancers and new students are continuously improving. It is remarkable that the Tarangini family has successfully held on to and built upon age old traditions in spite of being thousands of miles away from India. I wish many more years of continued growth and creativity to Anuradha and Tarangini and all its student community.

------- Swapna Saswati Sen


“Guru/Smt. Anuradha Nag is a rare amalgam of both a brilliant artist and a teacher – makings of a true Guru. Her creativity, aesthetic sense and constant quest for perfection paired with her desire to serve the community enables her to contribute and evolve the art form of Kathak in its new home in the USA. I am very fortunate to have this
opportunity to groom under her tutelage in the USA after my initial introduction to this art form in India.”


------Senior Disciple Alpana Kaulgud.


“Since my childhood I have been honored to learn the art of Kathak Dance from my guru, Smt. Anuradha Nag. Because of her efforts as the artistic director of the Tarangini School of Kathak Dance, my life has been enriched with a passion for dance, a means for creative expression, a love and respect for rhythm, and the opportunity to be in the presence and enjoy the performances of the most esteemed artists of our gharana, including the legendary Pt. Birju Maharaj."

------Senior Disciple Sonia Mann


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