“I've been learning at Tarangini since age 4. Being a part of the exquisite world that Didi creates with Kathak has been one of the highlighting activities of my career. Kathak is an inextricable part of my life, and it's because of Didi's hard work, dedication, and passion for the art form that she is able to instill similar feelings in her students”.

------- Disciple Meghana Dhar


“Tarangini School helped me find my passion! Coming to class is such a joy and truly something I look forward to every time. Didi takes us all in as her own children and teaches us with such heart. I can't imagine my life without Kathak now had I not started with Tarangini 10 years ago!"

------- Disciple Avantika Chitre

“I have been learning Kathak from Anuradha Nag for about 6 years. I have immense admiration of her. She is not only very professional and organized, but at the same time develops a personal relationship with all her students. She is an excellent teacher and strives to bring out the best from all her students. I look forward to my dance lessons every week and I am looking forward to having my daughter join her dance institute as well. Her dance Institute has provided an interest and love of this beautiful Indian art form to generations and I pray that it continues to do so for a long time”.

-------Disciple Shweta Kotwal


“Thank you for always being such a great mentor to us—you’re more than a teacher--- you’re a friend I can talk to”!

------- Disciple Manali Shah


“Even more than dance--- you’re such a role model for us”.

------Disciple Divya Gupta


“Thank you so much every week and day for your dedication to teaching us, even when you are not feeling well. We love you and appreciate you”!

------Disciple Shilpi Mathrani


“I am really lucky to have such an amazing mentor like you. Growing up learning from you has been such a blessing and I am really thankful. Thank you for everything and for making my childhood special”.

------Disciple Sarika Modak


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