“You have no idea how much you mean to all of us. We’re all so lucky to have you with us --- you push us to excel, not only in dance but in life”.

------- Disciple Prachie Banthia


“Thank you so much for always bringing your creativity and joy---- I couldn’t have had a better teacher! You’ve opened so many doors and I wouldn’t be thinking of music major if it wasn’t for you”.

------- Disciple Shivani Rustagi

“You are such a great teacher and your creative ways of explaining make it easy to understand the meanings behind the dances that we learn or find our own interpretations”.

-------Disciple Souma Kundu


“Anuradha is an experienced, patient and kind dance teacher. She is an enthusiastic and dedicated dance teacher who inspires her students with her energy and sincerity. She is highly sensitive to the needs of children and youth and has great patience, and genuine thoughtfulness and concern for others. Putting my daughter in Kathak with Anuradha has helped shape her in many ways to become the person she is today. Because of her my daughter has developed interest in learning the intricate movements and rhythms of the classical dance Kathak. It has helped my daughter become more graceful, and confident. Anuradha has been a great mentor and constant in my daughter's life ever since the very young age of 8, and I am so grateful to have such a great guru in her life. I would recommend her to any one wanting to learn a little bit of Kathak or to learn to be a professional.”

------- Sunita Verma (Parent)


“Tarangini is a selfless dedication and life time passion of Anuradha or Didi as she is known to all her students. An exceptional artiste herself, she instills tremendous discipline, form, creativity and a desire to excel in all her students. My daughter, Avantika is very fortunate to have Didi as her Guru and mentor”.

------Deepa Chitre M.D. (Parent)


“As a parent of my two daughters who have been learning Kathak from Didi for the past 13 or so years, I indeed feel greatly privileged. Didi, for them, is not merely a dance teacher, but their role model as well. Being a perfectionist, yet patient at the same time, she endeavors to bring out the best in each of her students. Her passion and love for Kathak is evident in her continually devising new steps and movements for her students”.

------Madhvi Mehta (Parent)


“It is an absolute blessings and an honor to be part of Tarangini, school of Kathak dance. We feel very fortunate to have Shreemati Anuradha Nag in our lives in form of Kathak dance teacher. Anuradha Nag is very caring dancer/teacher who deeply cares for Kathak dance and its preservers. She genuinely delivers an art of Kathak to her students without any reservations. Anuradha nag is truly a great role model, guru and a mentor to our daughters”.

------Alka Talati (Parent)


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